Hi, I’m Murray
your ministry communications specialist.

Whether you need a website makeover, a brochure or church bulletin designed and printed I bring a fresh solution to an eternal message!

What I do

For the past 18 years I have worked in almost every department within a church context. Most of my paid employment in churches has been in the scope of communications and creative development. My experience in this space includes churches from just 15 people through to 1000 weekend attenders. If there is a chance your church needs something developed for one of your ministry areas, there is a good chance I have designed it previously.


Copy Writing

Content creation is vital in the digital world. While content is king for search engines, making it compelling yet captivating for your audience is an art. Your guests need the answers to the questions that we take for granted. Let’s address them online.

Print Media

Print media is without a doubt a major part of church life. Guest cards, womens ministry fliers, kids church brochures, welcome packs, pens, tshirts, giving cards and so much more. Basically whatever is needed to get the church brand and message out to the audience.

Web Development

Often churches don’t have the capacity to hire a fulltime or partime web developer or communications specialist, that is where I can provide an affordable solution that best represents your church and the message you want to extend out to the community.

A church that is intentional in reaching its audience, places a priority on creating a consistent message from the pulpit to the pre-schooler, from within the church walls to beyond the curb.

You have a powerful message, lets make it count!

Let’s give your message the impact it deserves through the use of tasteful design and creative  process.


Never before in history has there been a more critical time to express the message of Jesus Christ in a way that connects in an authentic manner.

No budget?
No sweat…

Having worked with ministries with restricted cashflow for many years, often pastors have to do build their own websites. The sad part is that Pastors are often pulled away from their calling having to do the nitty gritty of ministry, the very thing they are not trained in, simply because of either affordability or not having someone capable in their midst. 

Part of my heart is to have see Pastors positioned rightly again where the communications part of the church / ministry need not be a worry any more. This is where I can help at a discounted price.

Consultive approach

My philosphy is that Together is better hence, when we work together, we look at the big picture of  your ministry. From there we can get to work.

Website integration

I use WordPress. 60% of all websites online use WordPress for a reason. There best practices on your website will be used.  


My approach is that each church is not just a client, but a relationship that is nurtured. As a pastor, I too value that, knowing that we can serve you.


When the message of Christ is communicated well in a creative manner it helps everyone. Let’s make your church communication shine.

Let's work together.

If you have a question about your ministry communication needs or would like to drop us line about a ministry opportunity to speak in your church!

Serving THE Local Church
through creative communication.

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