What we offer

Providing an online solution is our speciality, however we also offer a diverse range of print media design for churches and missional businesses.

Creative Evangelism

Whether you want to extend your reach online with social media, give your website a much needed makeover or perhaps develop an email template so you can reduce your weekly printing bill. Your message wrapped with excellence helps engage people who may not know Christ.


Weekly Announcements

Ask us about how we can produce weekly announcements for your church congregation and bring a consistency to your audience.  Whether you are running pre-service or you need a quick video with voice over we can help with that.

Leadership Development

I have worked with teams and have had interns in church roles in the space of creative leadership development. My practical yet grace-filled manner can help inspire creatives to achieve the outcomes of the church’s mandate.

What We Do Best

Empowering the local church is what I love to do. I’m a firm advocate of the local church. It is the hope of the world and has the potential to be the centre of social transformation. But we have to do it right if we are to have an impact. It starts with how we portray the message that has stood the test of time.

Does your ministry need a new logo?  Perhaps you are launching a church and need a full brand kit.
Web Design
20 years of communication experience helps you think of things that perhaps you had not considered for your website.
Assimilation / Next Steps

I understand the customer journey, I help bring clarity when it comes to communicating the next step for your guest / attender.

Content Creation
Whether it is a brochure, letter, sermon blurb or a script for church news, having a strong Call to Action is essential.
Leadership & Team Development
As a dedicated student to the topic of leadership I have been able to empower leaders to get free from the mundane and help get their lives and ministry back under control.
Church Health Consulting

I have spoken in more than 70 churches around community engagement from a broad spectrum of size and I have observed some key indicators to a healthy church.

More than just skills, we understand the message of Jesus Christ.

It is critical when employing a graphic designer/website developer that you don’t just go after cost. Our experience has always said, that when you drive with price, you will usually have to pay more. 9 times out of 10, there are extra unconsidered expenses that quickly mount up.

But more than just cost, you want to ensure that your project is being completed by someone who has the same Christian ethos, that gets and understands your mission and your mandate.

I have helped a variety of ministries from churches with just 15 people, to itinerate ministries to some of the fastest growing churches in Australia. This experience has taught me that there is no cookie cutter model, but rather a single mandate… To help people with their message to impact their intended audience.


Our Process & Workflow.

Typically, many pastors often have a vague concept or the big idea of what they want. Through a deep discovery process, we seek to understand some key critical areas prior to engaging in the design process and workflow

Once we have established some of the essential elements of the design project, we then get to work in creating some samples for you to unpack. Understanding that some church environments require approval for output, we work with your time line. We often do require some form of payment prior to all files being released.
Project Research

Assessing realistic time frames, goals and desired outcomes in this phase. Usually the process of who, what, why, when and how.


Once we have all the relevant information, concepts are drafted and provided back to you for relevant approvals.

Final output
This is where the rubber meets the road. We make final adjustements and get signed off, then we will get the project printed, website launched or what ever the project requires.
One of the essential components is to measure the success of the project. This can help us as well as yourself as a church. Objective feedback is vital in moving forward.

Interesting Facts about the Australian Church

Compiled by Australian research company, Mark McCrindle.


state that the local church is irrelevant in style


believe that the church has a place in the local community


believe the media and the press negatively portray the local church


of all Australians attend a local church at least once a month

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